Tree rings dating and changing climates dvd

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Tree rings dating and changing climates dvd

When living organisms die, they settle to the bottom of the ocean and become part of the sedimentary deposits.

Shells, diatoms, and single-celled creatures leave a record of their presence in the ocean sediment when their bodies are preserved in the sediment layers.

Their work is also guiding future climate change research and monitoring.

For more information about the ANDRILL project, visit the ANDRILL home page.

Examples of impacts include: crops that are now grown in specific areas may have to be relocated; locations where people are living today may become uninhabitable in the future; and animal habitats, such as the Arctic sea ice, are changing or disappearing.

The ocean floor receives a continuous supply of small particles that settle in layers called sediment deposits.

In the most recent 10,000 years our planet has enjoyed a relatively warm, stable climatic period.

The current knowledge about climate change is derived from many sources: ice cores, sediment cores, rock cores, tree rings, and the fossil record.

The Earth's climate has changed dramatically over time.

The time over which these changes occurred is represented in geologic time scalestens of thousands to millions of years.

Throughout its entire history, Earth's climate has oscillated between warm and cold phases.

The multinational ANtarctic geological DRILLing (ANDRILL) team of over 200 scientists, drillers, and technicians spent many months on the Ross Ice Shelf.

There, they drilled through several hundred feet of ice and ocean water to reach the ocean floor.

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Therefore, when the polar ocean is covered with thick ice, the presence of plant life in the sediment is reduced.

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