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Mandating bachellor degree in nursing

By BETSY TAYLOR When Jaclyn Czerski graduated with her associate's degree in nursing 15 years ago, she told herself she'd get a bachelor's degree one day.

Then, "the house, the marriage, the kids pushed it further down my list," she said.

Examining the impending gap in clinical nursing expertise .

( Orsolini-Hain & Malone, 2007)Solutions 3 For future nurse educators, state levels of government should offer grants, scholarships, or loan forgiveness to individuals pursing a graduate level education for a career in nursing education (Tri-Council of Nursing, 2010). Educational levels of hospital nurses and surgical patient mortality.

Financial Assistance and Incentives NY is working with nursing schools to ensure greater access to on-line programs, accessibility in enrollment, and standardized transfer of credit hours into bachelor programs for associate level nurses to aid in transition (Lane & Kohlenberg , 2010; Orsolini-Hain & Malone, 2007). Journal of the American Medical Association, 290 (12), 1617-1623.

Bill AO1977 was referred to codes in June 2012 where it currently awaits further action (NYSA, 2012).

Political Progression Most Recent Political Activity Literature Review The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health report ( 2010 ) recommended increasing the number of baccalaureate prepared nurses to 80% by the year 2020 ( Altmann , 2011; Edwards, 2012; IOM, 2010, p. Barriers to continue education at the baccalaureate level encountered by RN-BSN potential students is not enough time, fear, lack of recognition, lack of differentiation in the workplace (i.e.

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Practitioner A facility with more BSN prepared nurses will be recognized for their improvement in quality patient care and a direct reflection on those administrators of such facilities (Department of Health and Human Services, 2008). (2011) Philosophy of Science for Nursing Practice Concepts and Application.