Dating money issues funny carbon dating

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Dating money issues

it only took him three days and my husband came back begging since then i am the only woman he now him on [email protected], he can save your marriage too.

i like the subject, i wished you could hve ellaborate a little more,however i had a fantastic relationship for 3 years,we connected on all levels, but money issues werent discussex from the start, be they as it may,my girlfriend just left me now due to this very issue,as i got us i some financial trouble, whicn we can handle easily,but then she went back to her ex,wealthy guy,dont hve to worry about finances at all!

Although this is a redundant subject, I would say that you should say something. Are you then also paying for things when you are at his place such as meals, groceries, entertainment, etc.? I would guess that those things probably cost about the same as your gas/travel costs to some degree.

It sounds rather materialistic and/or uncomfortable to talk about, but if you like the guy and he likes you then there should be enough openness to discuss this subject. You are the one that has made it too easy for him and then got pissed off because he accepted your conditions.

Would you mention to him that it feels unfair that he doesn't appear to be willing to pay his share??? But then again there are some variables you have not spoken on.

This is okay if it is not one of your closest friends but in other ways she was like a sister. My time was more flexible than his, but he had more income, so he made just a few trips here and I did the vast majority of the traveling.Is there "meet halfway" place that would allow you to mitigate some of the hard costs (gas, wear and tear) and soft costs (your time)?Dating someone far away would be doable for me but it could not be a one way street in effort.Would you expect him to drive and then pay for a night out to dinner too? Long distance relationships are tough enough as it is. If she was like a sister and did favors, whether on her terms or not.I would not allow a friend to drive 2 1/2 hours on a regular basis let alone every weekend, without offering to pony up for the gas for at least one end of the trip. She sounds from what you said to be the better friend or you weren't as close as you thought, if you could just walk away. If I was more financially secure than her, I'd have no problem doing all the driving and not getting anything in return.

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Three months into their long-distance relationship, Larry brought up the topic because money had been such a major issue in a prior marriage. Start talking about money right away, particularly if it has been an issue in past relationships.

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