Abusers intimidating animals

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Abusers intimidating animals

The staff had just gathered Buzz in when this pup on a leash came trotting out from the back of the hospital where the doctoring gets done, ready to go for a walk outside.He exuded such joy that he seemed to shimmer and dance.Once he realized he was not going to get the activists to speak to him, he turned to leave.He then rudely told Ogden to get out of his way and claimed she was blocking the sidewalk.As the activist politely asked the Sergeant for his name and badge number, he towered over her and attempted to intimidate her out of filming the encounter.

When the officer could not get an answer from the activists, who were exercising their right to remain silent, he turned his attention to one of the female activists.

I don’t know how they learned there was a dog fighting operation there or what happened to the people who were busted in the raid.

I can never know why the dog that attacked Oogy did not kill him.

Ogden did not move an inch and the officer moved around her.

He then told the activists, if he gets one more report of obscenities, that he will, “shut yous all down”.

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He was pure white except for the left side of his face, which was swollen, raw pink scar tissue, as though it had melted.

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