Updating multiple gps with one garmin disk

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Updating multiple gps with one garmin disk

Thinking something was bad in the unit and it being a Sunday with her leaving back to college in a few hours, I went back to swap the unit out at the store.They were out (one time buy at Sam's Club), so I upgraded to a 2455LM.If your device has junction views, you will find a JCV folder within the \.system folder on the SD card.Move the JCV folder and its contents into the \Garmin folder of the SD card.It is especially useful for those models that the Garmin programs do not support map installation to SD, namely the nuvi 3xx, 5x0, 6xx, 8x0, 8x series (and perhaps others).

Although the specific steps are not detailed in this FAQ, the cloning method can be adapted to the newer Garmin model series devices.Garmin Express and Garmin Map Updater include methods for installing maps to a SD card for most but not all devices.The cloning procedure described in this FAQ will work for most Garmin devices.Now, follow steps 1-8 of the above procedure to download and install the map and other map related files directly to the SD card.The map files will end up on the SD card in folder \.system and will be named gmapprom.img, and

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