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Updatepanel not updating

The main advantage of cursors is that you can process data row-by-row.

A result set is defined as a collection of rows obtained from a SELECT statement that meet the criteria specified in the WHERE clause.

Cursors enable the processing of rows in the given result set in the following ways:/* Create two variables that would store the values returned by the fetch statement */DECLARE @Department Name char(25)DECLARE @Department Head char(25)/* Define the cursor that can be used to access the records of the table,row by row */DECLARE cur Department cursor for SELECT v Department Name,v Department Head from Department-- Open the cursor OPEN cur Department-- Fetch the rows into variables FETCH cur Department into @Department Name,@Department Head--Start a loop to display all the rows of the cursor WHILE(@@fetch_status=0)BEGINPrint 'Department Name =' @Department Name Print 'Department Head =' @Department Head--Fetch the next row from the cursor FETCH cur Department into @Department Name,@Department Head END-- Close the cursor CLOSE cur Department-- Deallocate the cursor DEALLOCATE cur Department The following are various types of cursors available in SQL Server 2005: Base table: Base table cursors are the lowest level of cursor available.Array List The Array List is one of the important classes in the System. We can say it is the next generation of the Array in C#.Array List is a dynamic array; it will increase the size of the storage location as required. The allocation of the Array List can be done through the Trim To Size property.SQL CREATE TABLE CONSTRAINT Syntax: CREATE TABLE table_name(column_name1 data_type(size) constraint_name,column_name2 data_type(size) constraint_name,column_name3 data_type(size) constraint_name,....); In SQL, we have the following constraints:6.What are the differences among foreign, primary, and unique keys While unique and primary keys both enforce uniqueness on the column(s) of one table, foreign keys define a relationship between two tables.

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Probably "Difference Between abstract Class and Interface" is the most frequent question being asked in the . In this tutorial, I will explain the differences theoretically followed by code snippets.