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The group then returned in July 2011 with the release of their first full-length studio album A Class with the title track "Good Bye Baby".

The group held their goodbye stage in early September after finding great success with their album and title track.

The group released a song used for the commercial called "Love Again" for the Samsung Beat Festival.

The song was written by Korean composer Super Changddai, and the music video was directed by Hong Won-ki.

Dispatch reported that the two have been in a relationship for 2 months now, and have been going on dates all over the globe.

Dispatch caught Lee Min Ho as he went to Paris for a photoshoot on the 10th, and Suzy as she went to London for a photoshoot on the same date.

Even in Seoul, Lee Min Ho picked up Suzy, meeting almost every single day since February 25th, except for the time Lee Min Ho was overseas for a schedule.

On April 28, 2011, Suzy and Kim Soo-hyun were officially revealed to be the ambassadors of the "16th Goyang Korea Flower Show" in the Gyeonggi Province.

The flower show was held at the Goyang Flower Exhibition Center at Ilsan Lake Park on April 29.

She made her acting debut in the high-school drama Dream High, which aired on KBS from January 3 to February 28.

Suzy also released an OST for the drama, titled "Winter Child".

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However, after Lee Min Ho was done, he flew to London to meet Suzy.

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