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This is a copy of a Sisson type triple expansion steam engine and is similar to those that were used in the Salters Steamers and many other boats around the country, including a few steamer launches on Windermere. An example of a 2nd class torpedo boat engine built at Thornycroft's Chiswick boatyard, in 1884, yard no 193.This engine was fitted to a 63ft TB named HMQS Mosquito which was supplied to the Queensland Maritime Defence Force when Australia was still a British colony, The engine capable of 600 rpm is a condensing compound which has cylinders of 8¼" 13½" by 8" stroke, fitted with a direct driven condensate pump and geared twin service pumps (missing).Achive collections of historic books drawings, photos, catalogues and related material.The Heritage Steamboat Trust (part of the Steam Boat Association) have a very large collection of document archives which are currently held in store by four individuals on behalf of the Trust.

Cygnet is unaltered from its build date, probably because it lay stored and forgotten at Thornycroft's boatyard at Platts Eyot for 50 years and is unique because of this.When registration is closed, contact the forum Admin for assistance.51ft Steam umpire launch built in 1898 using a revolutionary new lightweight plywood construction method patented by Sam Saunders of Goring.This boiler was rescued from a scrap yard for use as a museum exhibit.Donated to the Consuta Trust when the owner heard about the proposed museum project.

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This hull was thought to have been burnt at a boatyard in 2000 but fortunately had laid there forgotten. Temporarily rescued in the hope of being used as a static display showing the use of Consuta plywood for achieving lightweight boat construction.

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