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But if you’re not from Minnesota, you probably haven’t heard of Al’s Breakfast, which is easily the best place for breakfast, brunch, and all things waffle on the entire face of the planet. It’s 12 days long and filled with more deep fried food than you can possibly ever imagine.

Blood Marys are a staple in Minnesota, which is why so many people here know how to make them without consulting a recipe. Minnesotans know how to take “go big or go home” to the extreme, which makes dull moments a rarity. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Minnesota in the comments below!

That doesn’t mean that they don’t get mad at anything.

Minnesota might be known for having 10,000 lakes, but that’s only because they’re too nice to brag. Dust off the record player, sit in front of the fire, a listen as Minnesota boy Bob Dylan sings “Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile.

The purpose of the Emergency Squad is to respond to medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, watercraft accidents and to augment full time Police Officers and Deputy Sheriff's as needed.

In April 1967, I joined the Maple Plain (Minnesota) Police Department where I attained the rank of Sergeant.

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