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“When I was five all I wanted to do was make a fool of myself in front of strangers.The comedy was there, I just never opened myself up to it.” He dismisses the idea that comedy and acting are that different: “When you do stand-up you are acting. His first children’s book, I Am Bear, was published in March and sits proudly on his shelf next to his laptop. In 2008 his father passed away and his friend, musician Jason Rae, died of a drugs overdose. They were only acquaintances but he is still moved when asked about her: “What can you say that hasn’t been said.It’s not like I’m a synchronised swimmer, a baker and a rapper. She had these demons but she was also bubbly, funny and incredibly talented.I’m so envious of people who know what they want to do from birth. She was one of the greatest modern female songwriters the UK has produced.

He’s had me involved from a blank piece of paper to a completed movie.” The collaboration threw up some interesting moments. The actor-comic opened the 73rd annual Golden Globes by mocking Sean Penn, Caitlyn Jenner, Roman Polanski, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeffrey Tambor, Ben Affleck, and many more. And I’d like to say now, I’m being paid exactly the same as [what Tina Fey and Amy Poehler received] last year. “No, not the names of Charlie Sheen’s favorite hookers. So: I’d rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with Bill Cosby.” Then after Gibson came out on stage, Gervais asked him — and this was entirely bleeped by NBC: “What the f–k does ‘sugar t-ts’ even mean?I’m going to do this monologue and then go into hiding. And this is brilliant for the studios because they get guaranteed box office results and they don’t have to spend too much money on the cast.” — “The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press said if I say anything offensive, or crass, or resort to innuendo, he’s going to personally come out here and ‘pull me off.’ So that’s an offer I couldn’t refuse. It’s a bit of metal some nice old confused journalists wanted to give you in person so they could meet you and have a selfie with you, okay? And on the red carpet before the telecast from the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Gervais confirmed to Matt Lauer that his Globes bosses gave him free reign: “They said I could say what I want — NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press. I won’t break any laws.” RELATED: All the Red Carpet Arrivals from the 2016 Golden Globes For more, here’s EW’s Golden Globes live blog, our red carpet photo gallery and the full list of winners.“I want my mum to see her name.” But isn’t there a risk that Gervais dusting off Brent’s chain-store suit could dilute the legacy of the landmark series (first broadcast in 2001)? He’s brave, man, he’s got balls the size of watermelons.I’m so flattered this all came out of trying to make each other laugh back in 2013.

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The band were introduced by Ewan Macintosh, who played Keith Bishop in The Office, before entertaining the crowd with a string of hits including Free Love Freeway which was met with huge cheers.

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