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The play is set at the opening night of "Carmen" in Paris in 1875, but is about various members of the audience who are more interested in pursuing their own love affairs than with watching the musical.Bizet is getting steadily more frustrated at the lack of interest of people at the work he has slaved over. The irony is that Bizet's great opera Carmen was slammed at the time for being coarse and sexually explicit.The country has three official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French. There’s a small but enthusiastic gay community in Luxembourg City.The annual Gay Mat party, a small street party, is held each July in Luxemburg City.Currency and Money Luxembourg is in the Euro Zone, so businesses here accept only euros.

Across the city a network of 400 Velóh automated rental bicycle stands allow for as many journeys as you like, within a subscription period of 7 days or more.Discuțiile Preşedintelui României cu înalții oficiali luxemburghezi vor viza identificarea de posibilități concrete de dezvoltare și aprofundare a relațiilor politice și sectoriale dintre România și Marele Ducat de Luxemburg, cu accent pe extinderea cooperării economice, precum și în domeniile cercetării, dezvoltării și inovării industriale.În marja vizitei va fi semnat Programul de schimburi în domeniile științei și tehnologiei, educației, culturii și sportului între Guvernul României și Guvernul Marelui Ducat de Luxemburg pentru anii 2016-2021.At the head of Luxembourg's government since December 2013, Xavier Bettel is Europe's third openly gay Prime Minister.He and his partner Gauthier Destenay were married in January 2015 after same-sex marriage law reforms came into effect.

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is the world’s only remaining sovereign grand duchy.