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The group’s beliefs are treated so respectfully that you’ll understand why Hodaya’s friends refuse that wine, even if you’re watching TV on your computer on a Friday night while eating bacon.Religion is not something they are trying to get out of. You don’t have to share their faith to understand exactly how important it is to the characters. If right-wing Israeli politics enrage you, it may be occasionally infuriating to watch this show.On performs the magic trick of reviving the marriage plot, the narrative engine that powered everything from Shakespeare to Austen, but has lost much of its force now that marriage is no longer the only socially acceptable way to have sex.It is no longer a one-time only proposition from which one can escape only at the risk of the condemnation of parents, community, and God.If I were making a list of my favorite TV shows of 2014 right now, sitting at No.

The group dates with both excessive matter-of-factness and hidden vulnerability. ) Yifat rebounds from Nati’s rebuff not by wallowing, but by making another, much more sensible romantic choice for herself.Nati and Amir shrug and laugh: Only a non-observant man would complain about these cookies. As members of a relatively insular community, they are not particularly interested in people outside of it.Acerbic accountant Reut (Sharon Fauster) makes a joke about Britney Spears to her secretary, who replies, “She doesn’t sound Jewish”—both the only thing she knows about Britney Spears and the only thing that’s relevant.They are all, except for the once-married Amir, virgins.Needless to say, their dating lives have a real sense of urgency—though it’s shortchanging their beliefs to ascribe that only to sexual frustration.

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The series depicted the lives of five national religious single men and women, in their 30s, who reside in Jerusalem.