Eight stages of dating oatmeal

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Eight stages of dating oatmeal

Now, when I sit down and think about it, I usually don’t come up with anything I can use, but if I go running or while I’m in the shower or something all the pieces just click together.” Inman credits his realization of “brain-farming” to a scene in the television drama Mad Men (one of my personal favorites). And an idea will jump up in your face.” The creative process is a mysterious beast.

The show’s lead character, Don Draper, is the creative director of an ad agency and he gives this advice on overcoming writer’s block: “Just think about it. Sometimes the only way to think up a brilliant idea is to not think about it at all.

Not two months later, Inman is in the midst of a second fundraising campaign, this time to help build a Nikola Tesla Museum in New York.

Your cynical side probably assumes that this is paid advertisement content.It’s a one-man operation, so buy me a cup of coffee.” Inman told The Chicagoist what happened next: “I did the donation thing, and I thought I would get a couple of dollars a day, but I was getting a lot of traffic and it ended up being much more than that.I actually felt guilty, and I thought I should be giving them something in return, and that is when I decided to start selling merchandise—posters and stuff.” Inman was in fact earning hundreds of dollars a day.Instead of the traditional email opt-in form with a field to input your email and a submit button (see Income Diary’s “Get Weekly Updates” box on the right of this page) The Oatmeal simply offers a pair of text “Email” links that take you to this page: It wouldn’t surprise me if Inman could get more email subscribers with an ever-present opt-in box on each page, but doing it this way is less pushy and it ensures that everybody who is on his list truly wants to be there.Once The Oatmeal to start receiving enormous amounts of traffic, the image-heavy site was costing him, “a couple grand a month in hosting fees.” Inman didn’t have a monetization plan yet in place, so he put up a simple Paypal donation button and the words, “Like The Oatmeal?

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Inman told the Washington Post that he turned down a deodorant company because, “It’s pretty much got to be a truly exceptional client. In fact, Inman’s comics do very well with Google, always ranking near the top. But it isn’t because the site’s so well optimized for search: “A lot of people say: ‘How do you do it? SEO has no bearing on the Oatmeal — I did SEO in my old job [so I know] — but social media has played a gigantic part in what I do.” Matthew Inman, Interview in The Washington Post The Oatmeal’s content ranks well because it’s heavily trafficked and shared by visitors and heavily linked to by bloggers and authority sites. The Oatmeal initially got traction through sites like Stumble Upon and Digg, which Inman has called “very powerful.” Today, The Oatmeal has over 700,000 fans on Facebook and 315,000 on Twitter. But when I started, I also had this [casually inviting] tone: ‘Hey, guys, I just made a new comic — check it out!

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