Does persistance work in dating younger women dating older married men

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Does persistance work in dating

Then I think about a few weeks later, she updated her profile...she posed a question to "the men" on the dating site , why don't a man bring a owman flowers on the first date?

" And I responded in kind to her, an naswer to her question.

There’s a video doing the rounds of a mom (she’s definitely a ‘mom’ not a ‘mum,’) and You Tube personality Doe Eyes telling a boy who’s been making the moves on her daughter that he needs to learn to take no for an answer.

She had an attitude behind it, like "Dude, you just don't 'get it'" do you? " And I all I did was answer the question in her profile.

That person getting to know you better, getting to see some of your better qualities.

You can't show those things off if you're just an associate, or admiring from a far. Wants and interests can also change over time and experience.

When you throw a general question out to the public, expect you'll get responses, sometimes from people you don't want responses from. If a woman dislikes you or something along those lines, yes...

It is also possible that your response might have also been edged in resentment from her initial rejection, therefore she reacted to it. if you keep trying you will simply driver her up the wall. Sometimes it is that friend zone that can cause someone to wonder if they might have made a mistake in their judgment.

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However, there are ways to be persistent that won't annoy her.