Dating stanley sweetheart planes

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Dating stanley sweetheart planes

This solidly constructed bench plane from Stanley features an iron made from 1/8"steel for prolonged edge retention superior to most other planes, base and frog cast as a single piece to virtually eliminate chatter and make planing more effective and enjoyable, Norris type adjuster with lateral lock for cut accuracy, precision ground casting for flatness and cherry handle and knob for control and comfort. Kevin I'll confess; I'm a tool snob and a hand tool nut.Throat plate and mouth are also adjustable for different types of wood. Hone the iron before use to achieve exceptionally fine shavings. All I had to do was hone the blade edges to bring them back to life. All I had to do was hone the blade edges to bring them back to life. I have a small collection of old Stanley planes ranging from the 1840s to the 1950s, including some of the original Sweetheart models, and more than a few Lie-Nielsen planes as well.I removed the adjustng mechanism and adjusted the iron by hand and the plane does a great job and is a pleasure to use.I bought this plane yesterday from the Rockler store in Tukwila. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.Block Planes from the Author’s Collection " data-medium-file=" Using existing reference material from the previous type studies, I poured over old catalogs, advertisements, the planes themselves, and anything else I could get my hands on.w=240&h=180" data-large-file=" w=630" class=" wp-image-554 " title="Block Plane Collection" src=" 18/19 series of block planes, there doesn’t appear to be much information on the nos. Frustrated at this, I began a quest two or three years ago to identify the major changes in the design and production of Stanley’s premium block planes, with a focus on the no. Rather than try to create a formal type study, I decided to focus more on the practical goal of simply establishing criteria for dating the planes within the narrowest possible time frame.This LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY gives you specific legal rights that may vary from state to state.Deficient products that are covered by this policy will be replaced or repaired.

If found to be defective, a replacement will be sent to you.

I intend to eventually format the data into a more usable format, but for now I want to put it out for reference and feedback.

By cross-referencing the key features below, you should be able to narrow down the age of your plane to within a few years of manufacture.

By relocating the circular hole toward the bottom of the cutter, the iron can be used right up to the slot, without sacrificing the advantage gained from the lateral adjustment lever.

warrants this product for its useful life (not to exceed one year for products with electrical or electronic components) against deficiencies in material and workmanship.

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