Dating sites for cat lovers who is dan radcliffe dating

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Consider adopting another cat, but if that's not for you or your kitty, make sure to set aside time each day to play games with your pet, enhancing the fun with soothing and comforting banter.

Do you have intense personal conversations with your cats? Then maybe you should try the Purrsonals, an online dating service specifically for cat obsessives.

This site links you up to the very best in cat information and links you to cat lovers everywhere.

You can share your stories and pictures, or simply drop in to see what new tips are out there.

Through this social networking site, you can share your opinions and thoughts on just what it is to love your cat.

You can connect with others who recognize a cat not just as a pet, but as a part of their family. Cat Club – This social networking site is so elite that you have to join as a true member to gain access.

This is the perfect dating site if you want to connect with and meet a fellow cat lover like yourself.

Date My asks members to describe their pet's perspective on the ideal date. People sometimes write quips such as, "If I was a cat, I'd just want to stay in my bed" or "If a member of the opposite sex comes to the house, I would hope they would have a big lap so I could sit on it." But, as with meeting any strangers, it's important to be cautious.

That special something can be summed up by the feel of soft fur rubbing against one's leg, the purr after a satisfying neck scratch, and friendship of the feline sort.

"There are a lot of people out there who want to meet others who share a common interest like pets," says Robert Yau, who founded Date My five years ago and more recently started the social networking site My Cat

Experts advise that you guard personal information and go to a public place for initial get-togethers.

Here is a rundown on a few pet-themed dating and/or networking Web sites: Remember Your Cat While searching for a new friend or date, keep in mind that your cat still needs companionship too. C., area-based freelancer, has been writing about pets, among other topics, for more than 15 years.

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You can not only get access to a ton of information, but you can reach other cat lovers from all across the world.

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