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Carbon dating age universe

The Vedas say that "God-men" brought Sanskrit to Earth men as a language of musical tones.Above on the left is a comparison of the numerals 1 through 10 in Devanagari Sanskrit compared to Arabic.The 19th Century scientists also noticed that the Sanskrit culture or Vedic culture, as it is sometimes called after the ancient Indian literature, Vedas, which means knowledge.

I don't think they want to see a civilization being as old as it appears to be according to these new finds at 9500 years ago.

And they were able to do more intensive sonar work there and were able to identify more structures.

They appeared to have been laid out on the bank of a river that had been flowing from the Indian subcontinent out into that area.

This article on the incredibly ancient sunken city recently found off the gulf of Cambay in India was published through courtesy of the author Linda Moulton Howe of an excellent site where this article and many others on relative topics can be found.

A month ago in mid-January, marine scientists in India announced they had sonar images of square and rectangular shapes about 130 feet down off the northwestern coast of India in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay).

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Since the European languages were related to the Indian language Sanskrit of the Vedas that could only mean that the European peoples had to have come out of India somehow and then gone to Europe with their languages that differentiated into Russian, English, Spanish, German and the rest of them.

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