Bluntdating com who is dating megan fox

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Bluntdating com

Thank you for not sugar coating the truth and always being the guys I can run to.Most importantly, thank you for helping me become a better version of myself.Stressing about an exam you took earlier in the week won't be an option when you're around them.

Having each other's backs is an important part of being one of the guys. When it to comes to parties and tailgates, hanging out with the guys is always a fun time.

Lohan tried to hide from onlookers under her coat - and fan sites about the starlet are buzzing that they spent the night at Lohan's place.

Being considered "one of the guys" has its pros and cons.

They told me that guy was stupid to let a girl like me get away.

No, they weren't just saying that to make me feel better. The more I hang out with the guys, the better I see how they think. No matter what type of problems they're going through, I'm always going to be there for them.

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I just enjoy hanging with the guys, knowing I'm always welcome and they have my back.

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