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This drama just recently garnered awards from different award-giving bodies including Jerry as best actor as he also did in For a big-shot actor like Jerry, it would make one wonder why he has only appeared on the big screen thrice throughout his entire career.

However, it has been reported that many casting directors from different countries are hoping to work with him after his spectacular performance in.

I still have to praise him for loving this project so much that he was willing to lower his talent fee just to take part in this drama. If you also want to see Jerry's short hair and portraying a role right for his age, then go watch this!

It also helped that I was fine with his leading lady here, Yedda Chen, although I was personally rooting for her character to end up with the second male lead (which won't happen, of course). Nothing melts my heart more than seeing such a beautiful man taking care of a child.

Jerry's heartless turned lovestruck lawyer Xiang Yu Ping will make you fall in love again and again!

Fun fact: Jerry and Ella are still friends up to now.

) and I can still clearly remember that I was in love Vic Zhou's Hua Ze Lei, but this article is not obviously about him.

, this is one of his famous works and for obvious reason: he was paired up with one of Taiwan's most well-loved actresses, S. It took me forever to finish it because I really didn't want it to end.

And if you know/love Xiao Xiao Bin from , he was so cute here as Jerry's nephew!

I re-watched both seasons of , I felt that Jerry acted so well as the childish and arrogant leader of F4 who slowly became soft because of his love for a very seemingly ordinary girl. Jerry played the role of the younger brother whose past flame is about to get married to his older brother.

In a nutshell, this drama ignited my love not only for Jerry, but also for Taiwanese dramas in general. He was so sexy and seductive in this drama, and it sucks that it only had 3 episodes!

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If you want to know how extreme my fangirling has become, I impulsively booked a flight to Taiwan with my sister after watching some of his dramas!