Aol updating definition files

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Aol updating definition files

Throughout, you can pin Siri's search results, as well as copy or drag and drop them into other parts of the OS.

Ultimately, Siri on the Mac is no smarter than it is on mobile.

To turn on Auto Unlock, as the feature is called, go into your Mac's Security & Privacy settings and check off the box that says "Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac." It'd be pretty troubling if this feature were enabled by default. When I first tried to use this feature, I would wake my sleeping Mac and see the message "Unlocking with Apple Watch," only to be forced to enter my password anyway. Apple Pay on the web If you already use Apple Pay on your i Phone or Apple Watch, now you can do it from your Mac too.

For starters, not having to type in your address or credit card number could feel like a blessing should the retailer ever suffer a data breach.

Now, in addition to, say, having your notes and web history synced across devices, you can copy and paste between them too.

So if you spot something on your Sierra Mac, you can copy and paste into i OS 10, and vice versa.

And it's hard to miss: There's a Siri button both in the system tray in the upper-right corner and in the app dock at the bottom of the screen.

Additionally, there's a keyboard shortcut you can use: command-space-hold.

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Some of the most practical features like Optimized Storage and Desktop and Documents in the cloud, are also the least flashy.