Am i dating someone who is bipolar No credit card webcams

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Am i dating someone who is bipolar

Throw "should" out the door and accept what "is."You 'shouldn't' have to be sad a lot, right? People with cancer, pain disorders, lost jobs and broken hearts "shouldn't" have to suffer either. When you love someone with bipolar, you have to stop listening to the "shoulds," and think about what really IS and what works for you.If helping your partner manage their medications makes you feel better and keeps them more balanced, great.Therefore, recovery is a long, hard road, save for a lucky few who respond to medication immediately and beautifully.3.They may not have the same ideas as you about how to get treatment. Let go of the idea that you can heal your significant other or that your love can save them. Everything was going well, up until last friday the 13.

So remember to include what nourishes you every day.

Is this semi-normal for bipolars to behave this way? You should be the one who she goes home to, not him. It's very sweet that you trust her, but if she is having episodes, she is not in her right mind and her judgement is impaired.

This is my first relationship with a bipolar person. If you can, try to get her to open up to you, and better yet, get her to see a doctor.

Even if you already knew this, it's hard to remember when the person you love is struggling so much.

You can't be calm, loving, patient or gentle with your partner or yourself if all your mental and emotional energy is going toward the other person.

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As a bipolar person myself, i know that when being silly enough to get yourself into a situation where another man may want something from you, it's hard to then say no.

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